Air And Water Police Unit Suggest For Safety When Securing Tanah Lot Beach Tabanan – The creation of a situation of security and public order is our dream, as well as for the personnel of the Airud Polres Tabanan Police when carrying out security in the Tanah Lot Beach area, which is a tourist destination that is always crowded with tourists. To maintain the safety of the people / Kamtibmas situation in the Tanah Lot DTW area, personnel from the air and water Police from Tabanan Police rResort are intensively conducting beachside patrols and giving appeals for Kamtibmas, as on Wednesday, May 24 2023.

With the permission the Head of Tabanan Police Resort AKBP Leo Dedy Defretes, S.H., S.I.K., M.H., Head of the Water and Air Police Unit of the Tabanan Police AKP I Nyoman Artadana, S.H., M.H., said that “security on the Tanah Lot beach was carried out together with Tanah Lot Polsubsector personnel – Kediri Police, Tanah Lot Internal Security, Lifeguards and Pecalang Luhur Tanah Lot Temple,” said Head of air and water Tabanan Police.

It was further explained that tourist visits on this day were quite busy , air and water personnel carried out security by carrying out patrols along Tanah Lot Beach. During the patrol, the personnel gave an appeal for safety people/Kamtibmas to tourists visiting both domestic and foreign. “We urge visiting tourists to be careful when crossing the beach because there are lots of slippery rocks. Likewise, to be careful when carrying valuables, such as cell phones and others. When taking selfies, we hope not to do it near sea ​​waves, for the sake of safety,” Mr AKP I Nyoman Artadana was explained.

“Until now the situation in the Tanah Lot DTW area is still safe, the sea water rises during the day and recedes in the afternoon, the weather is sunny cloudy, the height of the sea waves reaches 0.5 to 0.75 meters,” closed Mr AKP I Nyoman Artadana, S.H.,M.H.

Based on observations at the location, many tourists invited Airud Pol unit personnel to take photos together with the natural scenery in the Tanah Lot DTW. Incredibly the police on duty there are selling well invited tourists to take pictures. This is proof that the police are loved by the community.

(Tabanan Police Public Relations)

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